For Generations to Come

Real People finding Real Hope in the Real World

For 17 years The Brook has been a place of authentic faith and authentic people. People who come here sense the genuine warmth of our spiritual family and are inspired to help us extend it to others. By God's grace we've built authentic disciples of Jesus and the Lord has allowed us to grow as a congregation.

There is a rich history of courage and faith here, and along the way came defining moments that tested our resolve. There were times of challenge and opportunity. Times of heartache and joy. Times of need and abundance. But over the years you, The Brook Church family, have remained steady and unified. Time and again you have responded with grace, faith and sacrifice.

Now once more, God has invited us to join Him on yet another adventure. One year ago we began "Praying for the Six". God has protected and provided this piece of His earth for us, and He has asked us now to step out by faith and receive it. Not with a pot of gold dropped out of heaven. Rather, through the mutual faith and generosity of us all.

This gift of land will be a blessing For Generations to Come. It will allow a permanent face to the community right on Spring Cypress Road. It will provide options for future growth and more space to make room for those who have yet to come to our church. More importantly, it will pass on to the next generation of The Brook a legacy of faith and courage. Our children and their children will give thanks for those who came before them and bestowed this gift to the future church.

Will you join us in this great adventure? Begin praying now about your part in seeing this come to pass.


Pastor Mike Ayers

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